MLGO: Maximum Likelihood for Gene Order Analysis (A Web Server)

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MLGO is a web server designed for genome rearrangement and gene order analysis. It can be used to infer a phylogeny from genome rearrangement and gene order data, and can also obtain an estimation of ancestral genomes, given an input tree. It can handle large scale data with the size ranges from mitochandrial to nuclear genomes. Besides rearrangements, it can also handle gene insertion, deletion and duplication.

Tutorial :)

A simple tutorial is available from here.

Tools to prepare data and view results

You can also use the following tools to prepare gene order data, such as DRIMM, i-ADHoRe, Cyntenator. Biological datasets can be obtained from CoGE.

To view the resulted tree, you can use iTOL.

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Input Data
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Inference Settings
Inference Target

For Small Phylogeny Problem Only
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